Wine snobs can't tell the difference!

 Good news wine slobs, the wine snobs can't tell the difference between their more expensive wines and the wines we drink.

A study conducted at this year’s Edinburgh International Science Festival, 9-22 April 2011, shows that most people can’t tell the difference between cheap and expensive bottles of wine. The results were revealed yesterday at Cheers! The Science of Wine and Cocktails, an event held at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh as part of Science Festival 2011.

In a blind taste test for wines at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, 578 taste testers sampled different varieties of reds and whites. The surprising result shows that most wine testers cannot tell which wines are expensive and which are not. Based on the taste, there is a 50% chance of identifying wine as cheap or expensive. That is like flipping a coin to tell which is which.

According to psychologist Richard Wiseman, “People just could not tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine. When you know the answer, you fool yourself into thinking you would be able to tell the difference, but most people simply can’t.”

So fellow wine slobs keep on buying two bottles for the price of one and enjoy more wine!

Until next time, cheers and keep drinking good wine!

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