Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon

I have been hearing a lot about this vineyard/wine for awhile now. I kept thinking that with a name like Cupcake it would be a wine that would never cross my lips.

But then again I did drink some wine from Mad Housewife so why not one from Cupcake. Now don't go thinking I'm some mamby pamby mommies boy, I'm just an equal opportunity wine drinker.

This wine is also not a mamby pamby wine. It is a nice full bodied Cabernet that is full of rich wonderful flavors. The  tastes of blackberries, cherries and plumbs just shine through this wine with a great finish. The hint of oak is a nice bonus.

I would recommend this wine to anyone that would like a nice all around wine just to sip on or to have with dinner.

In fact I told my wife I was running to the store to pick up a dozen Cupcakes and man was she pissed when I came back with 12 bottles of assorted Cupcake varietals. She was hoping for one with sprinkles on it, but she will just have to wait until my next run to the store.

Until next time, cheers and keep drinking good wine!

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