Snap Dragon Cabernet

Snap Dragon Cabernet is a very fruit forward cab. If you like a very fruity jammy wine then this cab is the one for you. While not a wine with a lot of depth, it still is an enjoyable wine.

 A very nice smooth drinker with lots of cherry and blackberry flavors. This went great with some burgers I threw on the grill and would have went nice with a steak also.

The label will look nice in the next wine label decoupage piece I do.

Enjoy this wine.

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Drinking Plonk in the Big House

Plonk - aka a poor quality wine.

Okay Big House Red may not be a really bad wine, but it's not a really good one either and I wasn't in the Big House drinking it either ( prison, jail, slammer, the joint, pen, in the can, pokey, calaboose etc) I was sitting at home watching Cellblock 6.

This wine has over 14 grape varieties blended into it and still does not do much for my poor old pallet. Nothing really stands out and tickles my tongue. I guess I was just expecting more from a wine with so many damn grapes in it.

The grapes in this wine : 27% Petite Sirah, 14.5% Syrah, 8.6% Montepulciano, 8.2% Barbera, 6.4% Nero d’Avola, 6.1% Tempranillo, 3.3% Malbec, 2.4% Aglianico, 2.4% Souzao, 2.3% Charbono, 2.2% Petite
Verdot, 2.1% Cabernet Franc, 2% Tannat, 12.5% Other Esoteric Reds

Perhaps I was having an off night and in that case I will often try a wine again just to see. So if anything changes on my next try of this wine, I shall let you know.

I must say it was fun checking out the story behind this wine and how they chose such a name.

Big House Winery in Soledad, CA (Monterey County) is a mere ankle iron’s toss from the Soledad State Correctional Facility, a.k.a. “the Big House,” “The Clink,” “The Slammer,” which explains the recurring prison theme depicted on the labels.

I will try this one again because it wasn't outright horrible, may just have been me.

Wine Tasting With Friends