Talus Cabernet

The talus has many definitions. It is know as critical bone of the ankle joint. It is also a architectural feature of some late medieval castles, especially prevalent in crusader constructions and you star war fans will know it as  one of several planets located in the Corellian system.  

But the Talus I like best is the one out of Lodi California. The Talus Cellars and it's collection of wines is outstanding.
I just had the pleasure of sipping their Cabernet and must say I was mightily impressed. A very smooth wine with very nice subtle flavors of mint and licorice with a hint of blackberry. 

This wine had me believing that I spent way more than I did. ($7.95).  I've had wines in the $20 and $30 range that did not finish as nice as this wine.

So if you want a nice Cabernet with slightly different taste characteristics and very mild puckery tannins, give this wine a try .

Until next time, cheers and keep drinking good wine!

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