Little Black Dress Pinot Noir

Little Black Dresses and Red Wine!!! What more could a man ask for? Except a bottle of red wine (Pinot Noir) named Little Black Dress.

What a damn concept and the wine is not bad either.

I happened upon this wine in a very strange and unusual way. I think maybe this wine and I was supposed to meet.

Not but a few days ago I had one of my vendors ask if I've tried this wine yet and was wondering if it might fit onto one of the restaurants wine lists in the company I work for. I didn't really have time to sit and taste the wine with him at that time but promised him I would stop on my way home and pick up a bottle to try.

I swear I wasn't home but 15 minutes when my wife called and asked if I would stop and pick up a bottle of new wine called........ you guessed it, Little Black Dress. She had just received a fax from her corporate office informing her that the restaurant chain she works for was now going to start carrying this wine. She wanted me to try it and give her a review of it that she could pass on to her staff.

It was hard for me to stop laughing long enough to tell her that I just popped the cork on a bottle of said wine.

Needless to say I did not put it on any of the wine lists but my own.

I found the clove and cherry  aromas enticing along with the light floral notes. It has a very decent pallet of strawberry jam and pomegranate. The finish is sophisticated yet friendly with the etiquette to fit in anywhere.

In fact, I am on my third bottle since first trying this wine and writing this post!


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