Crane Lake Pinot Noir

This wine was under $4.00 so I was a bit skeptical about trying it but some of my wine slob friends kept telling how decent it was for the price.

I must admit it was a lot better than I expected.  It was a bit weak but for a cheap pinot you have to expect that. Had nice nose and decent fruit flavor but the finish was a tad short.

This would be a great wine to serve at a barbeque where you plan on serving lots of wine.  You can bet that I will keep a few bottles on hand when my cheap "oh I left my wine on the counter at home "  friends stop by.

I had to do a search on this wine and I was impressed with the number of positive reviews that it receives.  Heck even many of the high dollar wines don't receive this many reviews. (Google Crane Lake wine)

This wine is produced by Bronco wines which bottles many brands of wines including Two Buck Chuck of Trader Joe fame. The CEO is Fred Franzia nephew of Ernest Gallo.

Fred Franzia hit it on the head when he said "I don't make wine to put in a closet. We sell wine to drink"

I will drink to that!

Go ahead and pick up a bottle or two it's well worth it.

Wine Tasting With Friends

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