Red or White?

I remember back when I first started drinking wine.

Now I'm not talking about Boone's Farm back in high school, but when I really started drinking wine as an adult.

There was a pretty set rule that everyone followed and that being that red wine went with red meat and white wine went with white meat and seafood.

Now let me tell you the snobs really held  to that rule and some of the older snobs still do. Hell, back in the day even the waitstaff in a restaurant would look down on you with disdain if you even thought of having a glass of white wine with your steak.

My wife and I must have really been the trend setters and original wine slobs, because we could have cared less about the rules as we drank what we liked and with what we wanted.

Today it is acceptable to drink red wine with seafood and white with a big old porterhouse if that is what your little heart desires. You make the  rules! It's your pallet, drink what you like.

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