Santa Cristina Pinot Grigio

 This pleasant pinot grigio (Santa Cristina) was given to me as a gift. Oh yeah nothing better than free wine except maybe for.....well you fill in the blank.

It had a straw-yellow color, fruit aromas of peach and  apples. A balance of sweetness and tartness. It was chilled a tad to much for my taste when it was first poured, so the aromas and flavors did not come through at first. I let my glass sit for almost ten minutes before I tasted it it again and boy howdy did it ever taste dandy.

The next day my interest was peaked in this wine, so I hit the stores looking for it.
At the first stop it was almost $13.00, the second store didn't carry it but I hit pay dirt on my third stop. This store had it priced at $9.99! Quicker than you can say butter my buns, I had my cash out and paying for two bottles of this wine.

This pinot grigio went very well with my grilled chicken breast the next night.

Pinot Grigio is one of the world's most popular wines. Also known under the French moniker "Pinot Gris", and even the German "Ruländer" among others, Pinot Grigio is a chameleon of a grape. It is produced in a range of styles, from the light fruity Italian style that has gained popularity, to a more mineral, flinty rich wine favored by the French - particularly in Alsace - and emulated by many in the new world.

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