Red wine and men's sexual health

In the wake of ever-rising cancer rates among the male population, especially surrounding the prostate gland, it has been shown through studies that reservatrol — the highly anti-oxidant and anti-cancerous compound found in red wine skins — helps alleviate the disease.

A study done at the University of Alabama Birmingham in 2007 found that mice given reservatrol powder saw an 87 percent decrease in cancer altogether, while in those mice with tumors, 47 percent had a slowing or stoppage of cancerous tumors. Because impotence is an inevitable effect of prostate cancer in males, red wine can be thought of as a savior of man’s sexuality.

Yup, I'm definitely having another glass of wine.

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  1. Drinking wine is good for the health. There are some good effects and also bad effects if there is too much intake of it. But the most believed idea is it can really help the person to feel the intimacy in the moment. No wonder why every dinner date is paired up with wine. That's just my idea though.