More Syrah! Syrah!

 I swear I am not a really big fan of syrah, but here I am again posting not about one but two syrahs within about a week or so.

Hmmmm maybe I am beginning to become a fan or just the price is just to damn irresistible to ignore.

Hey, what wine slob can pass up a bottle of Pepperwood Grove Syrah priced at $4.99? Not me! I've had many fine cabs and merlots from this vintner but have never tried the syrah and at this price I wasn't about to pass it up.

The other is from Sterling.... Now I am not a big coupon clipper, but last week in the paper was a coupon for $3 off two bottles of Sterling wine. Now this even gets better........when I went to my local store, they had the syrah and the chardonnay sitting next to each other.

That's what I said also.. why syrah and chard next to each other. But who am I to question why?

Anyhow I grabbed a bottle of each and didn't pay any attention to the attached neck hangers until I was cashing out. Yup. you guessed it another coupon for $1 off each bottle. Now to a wine slob saving $2.50 on a bottle of wine is damn near orgasmic.

That brought down each bottle of the Sterling wines to $6! What a great score.

But back to the syrahs.

Don Sebastiani and his sons (the three loose screws) hit the Pepperwood Grove in the classic style of a peppery syrah yet hit the nice flavor of blueberry and fig. A nice jammy syrah but yet tart and with a great finish. Worth much more than the price I paid but as a wine slob I'm glad I got a great deal.

Go out and buy a bottle or two or three if you can find it at this price. (any price under $10 is a steal)

Now onto the Sterling Vintners Collection Shiraz. This is another bold peppery wine yet the flavors of blackberry and black cherry explode in your mouth. A touch of vanilla shines through from aging in oak barrels. This wine is well worth the normal price of about$13 a bottle, but the Coupons and in store discount made it even better.

Start checking your papers for this coupon and pick up some great wine. I will soon tell you about the Sterling Vintners Chard.

Keep on drinking good wine.

The wine slob.

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